Welcome to Actupaustin

Posted on 22 May, 2015  in General

welcomeWe welcome you to our new website where you can find a bit of information about health and having a healthy lifestyle overall. Try to navigate our website and feel free to read anything that will help you in your quest to a healthy life. We will be constantly updating this website to offer you valuable information in the future.

Cash Assistance Service Online

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CHAMP Prevention Justice Partnership

Posted on 26 June, 2015  in General

ACT UP Austin has been chosen to be one of CHAMP’S Prevention Justice Partners! The PJP is a training, technical assistance and capacity-building project to help local groups build skills for sustained advocacy. Eligible Prevention Justice Partners are a core group of 10-15 prevention activists who are part of a local, regional or national organization or coalition. You can discover this info here towards better trainings in that said sport. The 12-month program provides leadership development, community organizing, and strategic media planning for moving forward on a locally-relevant, winnable, community-based prevention policy campaign. CHAMP staff provide two full days of on-site training each quarter, hold weekly support calls with the project coordinator, and monthly teleconferences with the core group.

ACT UP Austin Movie Nights

Posted on 12 June, 2015  in General

Sunday October 23rd: PILLS, PROFIT, PROTEST

Chronicle of the Global AIDS Movement

Monkeywrench Bookstore – 110 E. North Loop

This documentary examines critical junctures in the battle for access to HIV treatment as the poorest and most marginalized individuals confront larger powers including governments, corporate bodies and a multinational drug industry that is motivated by profit. Look at more info which can be helpful towards your goal as an athlete. The fight for AIDS drugs is taking place in tandem with a growing anti-globalization movement; the latter provides a backdrop for examining AIDS through a lens of poverty, socioeconomic injustice and human rights.

Wednesday November 23rd: Opening night of RENT

Five members of ACT UP Austin attended the opening night of RENT.

August Public Forum

Posted on 9 June, 2015  in General

Join us Wednesday, August 23rd at 7pm at the Austin History Center to hear about Stephanie Howard’s experience working in Tanzania at an AIDS Service Organization.

This is a great opportunity to think about the HIV epidemic on a global scale & how we can make a difference. This talk is timely planned just after the International AIDS Conference as thousands convene in Toronto to discuss global AIDS. Why Not Try These Out and see how it can help for your improvement?

When: August 23rd

Time: 7:00pm

Where: Austin History Center (9th & Guadalupe)